Does the City of Winnipeg have a revenue or spending problem?

Mar 9 2019 – WiseUpWinnipeg- Kevin Yaworski

City of Winnipeg

2018 not listed yet.

Looks like a bloated bureaucracy and related spending problem not a tax revenue or lack of Provincial or Federal funding problem.
2,270 or 32% of the employees earning over $50,000 earn between $100,000 and $250,000. That is before public paid pension contributions and some other benefits not included. Severance, Sick pay and some others are not mandatory to list or to break down but Bowman’s appointed EPC voted to change this but they never did.

The City of Winipeg wanted to know why MB Hydro was releasing all that detail, yet they have been lobbying the Pallister government to change the compensation disclosure law to allow for the release of greater detail.

So far, the province has denied that request after the initial inquiry about Hydro led to investigation by the Ombudsman and legal counsel suggesting it maybe against the FIPPA Act. More details here;

If their pension is similar to the Province it is matching of 7 or 8%. Picking $125k as averave of these 2,270 that works out to approximately $300 Million or almost 1/3 of the City’s entire annual budget.

Why is a constable making over $214k plus up to $17k in pension contribution and many others police officers making $150 – 226k before pension contributions? Why are their names not disclosed especially for superintendents? Police make up a significant majority of the top 2,280 on the list. EMS are next largest.
We have more police per capita than anywhere in Canada and among the highest compensated yet serious crime rate is among the highest. A detailed 64 page report in 2014 found WPS the most overstaffed and inefficient police service in Canada yet things have only gotten worse with the serious crime rate rising while it falls in almost all of Canada.
It is long overdue for cleaning up bloated bureaucracy, incompetence and corruption and enforcing hiring by merit, paying based on performance and better fiscal responsibility.
The Province is not perfect but has reduced a $1Billion defecit to $400 Million plus interest savings in 3 years. It made some good and some bad decisions but it is trying. Can that be said for the City?
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Here is just the 1st 2 of 123 pages.
For full report and CAO contract info see:
McNeil D Chief Admin Officer (CAO) CAO (Chief Administrative Office) 261,868
246 Chief Police Police Service 248,413
1279 Superintendent Police Service 226,915
848 Constable Police Service 214,928
356 Sergeant Police Service 205,777
510 Sergeant Police Service 199,388
919 Constable Police Service 199,064
Deane L Director Public Works Public Works 196,969
465 Deputy Chief Police Police Service 196,482
183 Deputy Chief Police Police Service 196,452
219 Deputy Chief Police Police Service 196,452
Ruta M Chief Financial Officer Corporate Finance 194,942
Wardrop D Chief Transportation & Utilities Officer CAO (Chief Administrative Office) 194,862
602 Constable Police Service 194,507
Jack M Chief Corproate Services Officer CAO (Chief Administrative Office) 192,077
575 Sergeant Police Service 191,656
Bowman B Mayor Mayor’s Office 185,870
1320 Constable Police Service 184,768
476 Sergeant Police Service 181,854
Kachur R City Clerk City Clerks 181,281
345 Inspector Police Service 179,980
447 Superintendent Police Service 179,977
Martin D Platoon Chief-Fire Fire Paramedic Service 178,937
1335 Inspector Police Service 178,693
1356 Sergeant Police Service 178,604
Kiernan J Director Property & Dev Planning, Property and Development 177,978
Geer M Director Water & Waste Op Water and Waste 177,382
Whiston I Captain Fire Paramedic Service 177,310
Carey C District Chief Fire Paramedic Service 176,211
398 Sergeant Detective Police Service 175,210
Lesiuk J Platoon Safety Officer Fire Paramedic Service 173,659
Chartier G Chief Asset & PM Officer CAO (Chief Administrative Office) 172,681
701 Superintendent Police Service 172,394
Wilson R Mechanic, Truck/Transport Transit 172,244
503 Sergeant Detective Police Service 172,036
685 Inspector Police Service 172,021
973 Superintendent Police Service 171,482
651 Constable Police Service 171,473
Lane J Chief Fire Fire Paramedic Service 171,011
496 Superintendent Police Service 168,561
48 Sergeant Police Service 167,779
Fernandes C Director Community Services Community Services 167,512
1371 Constable Police Service 166,931
669 Sergeant Police Service 165,495
782 Constable Police Service 165,087
174 Sergeant Detective Police Service 164,844
901 Constable Police Service 163,869
935 Inspector Police Service 162,499
1024 Sergeant Police Service 162,074
1040 Inspector Police Service 161,986
1402 Inspector Police Service 161,906
Buschau E District Chief Fire Paramedic Service 161,084
477 Sergeant Police Service 160,384
800 Sergeant Police Service 160,331
736 Sergeant Detective Police Service 159,536
30 Inspector Police Service 159,526
Police Service 159,233
389 Inspector Police Service 159,224
Legary M Chief Innovation Officer CAO (Chief Administrative Office) 158,969
Park R Supervisor of Waste Diversion Water and Waste 158,132
Matthews J Civilian Background Investigat Police Service 158,007
Boryskavich K Director Legal Services Legal Services 157,868
Mansky B City Auditor/Chief Perform Offr Audit 156,421
590 Sergeant Police Service 156,294
Ewankiw G A/Director Transit Transit 156,284
645 Sergeant Patrol Police Service 155,935
1056 Superintendent Police Service 155,331
1352 Sergeant Detective Police Service 155,316
1048 Sergeant Detective Police Service 155,231
1052 Sergeant Detective Police Service 155,049
Dibley J Analyst Portfolio Mgmt Planning, Property and Development 154,864
1038 Sergeant Patrol Police Service 154,621
Piche T Platoon Chief-Fire Fire Paramedic Service 154,490
Enns D District Chief Fire Paramedic Service 154,136
670 Constable Police Service 153,922
Berger N Staff Psychologist Police Service 153,895
Solkoski G Admn Housing & Exist Bldg Planning, Property and Development 153,764
Chambers M City Assessor Assessment and Taxation 153,456
Holmes G Principal Planner Planning, Property and Development 152,661
1066 Constable Police Service 152,557
Dueck S Mgr Development & Inspections Planning, Property and Development 152,530
1427 Inspector Police Service 152,423
Lemoine M Deputy City Clerk City Clerks 152,092
922 Inspector Police Service 151,951
Berezowsky J A/Director Public Works Public Works 151,763
Schmidt C Deputy Chief Fire Fire Paramedic Service 151,698
Wallace T Deputy Chief Fire Fire Paramedic Service 151,570
1421 Constable Police Service 151,145
Drohomereski R Deputy Chief Fire Fire Paramedic Service 151,016
Johnson J Superintendent – EMS Fire Paramedic Service 149,739
Felbel D Lieutenant Fire Paramedic Service 149,713
Smith B Planner Chief Planning, Property and Development 149,603
1090 Constable Police Service 149,372
Brown K Superintendent – EMS Fire Paramedic Service 149,232
Fargher K Supv Collection Services Water and Waste 149,179
Sutherland R Mgr Finance & HR Employee Benefits Program 148,780
402 Constable Police Service 148,727
79 Sergeant Patrol Police Service 148,666
728 Sergeant Detective Police Service 148,377
507 Constable Police Service 148,337
387 Constable Police Service 148,173
22 Sergeant Detective Police Service 148,121
847 Sergeant Police Service 148,008
Neirinck B Mgr Engineering Public Works 147,990
Strandberg D Solid Waste Process Coord Water and Waste 147,752
1151 Inspector Police Service 147,664
Brokopiw J Foreman Traff Signal Crew Public Works 147,525
1185 Constable Police Service 147,242
1436 Constable Police Service 147,238
Patton G Mgr Engineering Water and Waste 147,148
Ulrich G Superintendent – EMS Fire Paramedic Service 147,129
307 Constable Police Service 146,324