Why Donate and Volunteer

We have committed that donations will go towards WUW counsel led legal actions on behalf of and for the betterment of all of the public.

Favorable decisions in court for the public can be relied upon by others here and elsewhere in Canada even if they do not set an obvious precedence in a higher court. They will lead to meaningful reforms.

Enough effective volunteering with direct actions or equality important behind the scenes efforts can collectively have just as much or more of costly and time consuming court actions.

We can supply a $low Down Photo Enforcement Ahead sign or similar to anyone with a $25 dollar or larger donation or a commitment to put one to good use. Use the Contact Us link after donating below. These signing protests are our most powerful tool when used in mass. It like court actions can lead to these government sanctioned $afety revenue cash cow programs being shutdown for good and ending the careers of those in authority who have allowed or ignored this abuse of the public, public funds and services.

So many people get multiple unfair or unlawful $300+ tickets for alleged traffic offenses. Then many are mislead by the Crown and or have their charter and other legal rights ignored in Court when they contest. This is an investment against more tickets like this and other unfair or unlawful treatment. Similar with many unfair or unlawful parking tickets where there is known issues with missing, obstructed or confusing signage.

WiseUpWinnipeg is a fast-growing group of over 13,000 members and growing rapidly. We are dedicated to exposing the traffic and parking enforcement abuses plus related that are unique to the City of Winnipeg. We are working hard to bringing the much needed reforms to these and related areas of the City and Province.

Our membership is expanding rapidly as more and more are fed up with the behavior of their WPS and it’s for profit partners TSS, Conduent (formerly owned by Xerox / ACS) as well as WPA and for profit partner G4S. They are also fed up with the behavior of MPI, Mayor Bowman, most of City Council and many of the elected and appointed officials at the Province who have the authority and responsibility to address these serious issues of public safety and other important public interests that are being ignored at great cost to public safety, funds and priority of fighting serious crime.

The issues are many including dangerously short 4.0 second intersection amber tine policy regardless of the road speed and other engineering safety factors – and therefore having the shortest amber times in Canada at higher speed intersections where they net 800% more red light violations than the slower speed intersections where 4.0 seconds is barely adequate. Besides breaking the laws of physics for stopping a vehicle at speed – the results are in their own data – higher violations as well as the chronic collisions that result from the dilemma zone created by the short amber time itself.

Not posting speed limits at the proper and known 85th percentile that the road was designed to prudently travel at– and targeting enforcement to those specific deficient stretches, for decades.

Not dual-posting (boulevard and curb) speed- reduction signage, which is the standard practice in all other cities – and targeting their enforcement to locations of speed-drops where drivers don’t have fair and reasonable awareness of same due to non compliance with MUTCD (Manual For Uniform Traffic Controls and Devices) which is a national standard.

Creating an illegal Know Your Zone residential snow removal ban that afforded the City to ticket and tow vehicles – while not have signage erect at these locations – which is not only the law but was the practice fir decades before KYZ was created.

Creating Designated Construction Zones which were implemented illegally and unfairly enforced with inadequate signage.

On top of all of these abuses – the fines are 250% higher than the average of all other provinces. The city and province have refused to even acknowledge these facts since we began advancing them 8 years ago. WiseUpWinnipeg has only had success at righting these wrongs once matters were advanced into the court and usually through the appeal process following the judicial failure known as Manitoba Traffic Court. Case in hand being the Know Your Zone program – which saw the illegalities presented to the city and province as well as in Traffic Court. The result was a total ignoring by the elected and bureaucrats – and a conviction at court. Only in the appeal process did the city and province drop the case and then later admit – following media stories – that the KYZ program was illegal. They voided the few tickets that hadn’t yet been paid while refusing to properly refund all others on the basis that people accepted guilt by paying.

These are only a few reasons why we are swelling with passionate and angry members – regular people who refuse to hand over another paycheck to abusive, unfair and illegal enforcement that is unique to Winnipeg. With their refusal to engage the facts – we will proceed to court on all of these issues including having trial dates now set in 2017 for the illegal amber timing issue, the Designated Construction Zones and Know Your Zone program.

We need your help costing these initiatives on behalf of and to the benefit and fairness of all Manitoban’s. Please consider donating to the legal costs for the Trials, Appeals and Judicial Reviews started and planned.

See Court Actions for more details and links to media coverage.

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