City Refuses to Adhere to National Standards for Speed Limit Signage

The Manual for Uniform Traffic Controls and Devices - CANADIAN

Why does the city refuse to adhere to the Canadian National Standards for traffic signage, especially when it comes to speed limit signs?

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City is Removing Speed Limit Signs

Why is the City of Winnipeg taking down speed limit signs?

87.3% of Winnipeggers say we need more/better signage, not less!

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Short Amber Traffic Lights - See the Full Engineers Report

This is an Engineer's full report outlining an analysis, discussion, evaluation and sound engineering practice for etablishing amber light timing for traffic signals.

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What is the Engineering /Science behind the setting of Speed Limits

There is actually science that qualified traffic engineers can utilize to calculate credible, safe and prudent speed limits.

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New Plea Process

There have been some changes to Traffic and Bylaw alleged Offence Notices (formerly Summary Conviction Notices) and Court process after the  Government replaced the Summary Convictions Act with the Provincial Offences Act and the MB Bylaw Enforcement Act which were rushed with little to no review, debate or public consultation late last year.

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It's Not About Safety, it's About the Money Says City

Bureaucrats at City Hall have admitted in writing what we've been telling you all along:  Photo Radar is about the money, not safety.

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APEGM target Whistlebower - CBC News

APEGM (Association of Professional Engineers and Geo-scientists of Manitoba) wistleblower, retired engineer David Grant is being attacked for discussing the math of amber light timings.


MPIC diverting Millions to Police for $afety initiatives most of which are a waste and actually putting the public at risk

MPIC is ignoring this unfair, unsafe or unlawful enforcement as they don’t mind the increase in revenue.

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If it is about Safety, Where Are The Stats?

In May 2016, CBC News filed a freedom-of-information request for four-months worth of mobile-enforcement data. A month later, the Winnipeg Police Service rejected the request...

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Failure to meet "Conditions of Authority" for Photo Enforcement

The City of Winnipeg and The Winnipeg Police Service are failing to eet the Conditions of Authority from the Province for the Photo Enforcement Program

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VIDEO: Safe and Efficient Roads

This video was created in April of 2016, to give a quick look at some of the issues that Wise Up Winnipeg have brought up.  We are working for fair and just traffic enforcement, with traffic management and engineering with a focus on SAFETY and efficient flow.

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The Fight for Real and Fair Justice for Motorists

WiseUpWinnipeg needs your help costing the following court initiatives on behalf of and to the benefit and fairness of all Manitoban’s.  Most of our success has come in the courtroom so please consider donating to the legal costs  very important upcoming trials and a Judicial Review.