Traffic Safety Advocates fro prudent and proper road and signal engineering, for signage to established national standards MUTCD, public education and a change from political influence and revenue generation to true safety and efficient traffic flow.

WiseUpWinnipeg is public advocacy group initiated by local citizens (Todd Dube and seveal others) to educate Winnipeggers on the facts of photo enforcement – including the false claim that the program has had a positive impact on safety in the City of Winnipeg. Over the years, their efforts have grown into the movement that it is today.

Further, WiseUpWinnipeg is here for productive sharing of news and information about traffic and parking engineering, signage, enforcement and promoting fair or lawful behaviour by the City of Winnipeg and the Province related to enforcement and exposing when this not done.

We are advocating for the Province of Manitoba (including the City of Winnipeg) to amend the HTA and City Bylaws to require compliance with National Traffic and Engineering standards (as outlined in MUTCD), including signage, application of the 85th percentile engineering principle and related standards as required by law in, for example, Ontario and elsewhere, but being ignored in Winnipeg.

This is, in the interest of true motoring SAFETY and efficient traffic flow.

Wise Up Winnipeg has openly disputed the photo-radar enforcement positions taken by the City and Province, showing rather that the program is a detriment to safety and is purely a revenue program.

By using Low Speed Thresholds, Inadequate Amber Times and Inadequate Signage, the program sets up motorists and produces “violations”.

Todd Dube is a Winnipeg businessman who now oversees the group along with Kevin Yaworski and a group of Administrators who all share the motivation to inform the public of the facts and history of photo radar enforcement.

Mr. Dube provided for the cost of the awareness placards. “To me photo-radar and similar unfair or unlawful enforcement represents more than just the cash-grab that it certainly is – it’s also symbolic of how far we’ve let our governments and bureaucracies run astray.

Our politicians and police should be ashamed of themselves for employing the word “safety” in their notional pursuit of fundraising from vehicle owners. We hope citizens wise up and question all aspects of this program including how it is that we listen endlessly to politicians talk about complexities, legislation and other obstructions that impede them from making real progress on issues, including real public safety issues, yet a few can get together on a Friday night and change the wording of the law so that not only can this fundraising scheme continue – it also doesn’t have to refund its ill-gotten gains.

We have been ignored by the establishment long enough and it’s time the public delivered the message that ignoring the facts is no longer an option. They cannot support their claim of improved safety, which is required for the programs’ continued existence and it’s time they answered on it.”

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Get involved and share your relevant experience whether it on the road or in traffic court or elsewhere related. The better informed the group and public become of this abuse the better it can work together to bring positive change.

We have several legal actions underway and planned... Please consider donating to help us get these serious issues addressed in the interest of safety and efficient traffic flow first, and not for government revenue generation.

Privacy and Transparency are very important to WiseUpWinnipeg. For more info on these please visit our policies page.