This law came into effect in 2016 and has caught a few by surprise…

Winnipeg Parking By–Law No. 86/2016   Section 16(1)(f)

From the City of Winnipeg website September 27th, 2017:

Streets are for moving traffic and you cannot park your vehicle so as to even partially obstruct an Intersection or park within 3 metres of the intersection. An intersection is any place where two public streets meet; they do not have to cross each other, and they do not have to be through streets. For example, if you park at a “T intersection” on the through street, and obstruct access to the shorter street adjoining where no active restrictions exist, you would be parked in the intersection.

Fine: Is $100.

(which can be reduced to $50 if paid within 15 days after the date of ticket issuance)

See Image: