Winnipeg Police Release Complete List of Mobile Photo Locations

The Winnipeg Police has released a list of mobile photo radar locations after a complaint to ombudsman.

The 35-page document shows direction, enforcement street, speed, and the closest school/park.

Back in August 2015, Chris Sweryda of Wise Up Winnipeg filed a freedom-of-information request to get the locations of photo-radar enforcement sites. However, Winnipeg police refused to hand them over because they were ‘managed by a third party’ and they had ‘no custody or control of the records’.

A complaint to the ombudsman stated that though the Winnipeg Police doesn’t have physical custody of a records, since it retained services to create and house the record on its behalf, then it’s still in the control of the public body.

Winnipeg Police finally agreed to release the document in 2016, however they blacked out street names to protect the Photo Radar Enforcers from harassment.

A second complaint to the ombudsman determined that disclosing the locations would not endanger police or enforcers. The document has now been released in full and can viewed here; [MOBILE PHOTO RADAR LOCATIONS]