Linked below is the Press Release, part of the FIPPA results, one of the operator diagrams the Crown will rely on and JJP will accept for Waverly DCZ setup from July to Sept 2018. It states our position that the zone was setup improperly, unfairly and arguably unlawfully.

We still putting together a more formal response.

The City / Crown / Operator will likely take the simple position that they were shooting up to 600 meters ahead. No doubt most or all tickets were issued just north of Victor Lewis – even though they were parked south of it. We have one photo with vehicle in or at the very edge of VL intersection. Another issue is – The 50kph zone was never intended for south of there. To accommodate the best parking spot to the mobile unit – They stretched it out. This may not be a court defence, it maybe just a matter we can take issue with directly to the city.

We still preparing a more complete response and will post it when we finished. More info maybe available on the CoW City clerks site under FIPPA request results released as multiple people have filed requests. If you find any please provide links as ee have not had chance to check yet.

It is a good start but the Crown and JJP’s in POC have a clear trend of bias and errors and ignoring engineering deficiencies, wrong doings by PE, WPS, CoW, GoM, MPI, APEGM, MB Parliament and other parts of the system. So you have to be well prepared and often need to appeal and hope you get unbiased Justice. There is better chance of this in the higher Courts.
We also have more details about the engineering reports from FIPPA that warrant a formal complaint.
You can sent us a copy of your ticket to add to out growing list and we maybe able to provide more specific information.
If you are serious about fighting this injustice for yourself and to help expose wrong doing for the benefits of others we will help were we can with preparing as self represented.
If you only looking to cut a deal with the Crown to cut your losses they are usually open to this or ask for it. For this location some have got half and even up to two thirds off reduced fine.

The dirty system is geared toward this as they know it costs more when people contest, risks exposing their wrong doing and leads to more charter violations etc … More than disgusting.

Some ways to better prepare.
Search case law in CanLII and elsewhere.
You rely on case law and public records etc…in arguments.
Find R vs. Grant MBPC, Segodnia, Yaworski and Prescott ( all MBPC) on my blog or WiseUpWinnipeg FB group files or regular pinned posts.
These help demonstrate a lack of confidence in the system, upward trend of violations and allowed the Crown to rely on MPI docs and media reports without the authors present and much mire so these can be used to your advantage.

If neeed we have more general info that we have shared or posted before.

We look forward to hearing from you if you have anything you can share with us to help others.

There was more info on the CTV news from Oct 11th, online and in the Winnipeg Sun.