For Profit G4S Secure Solutions agents issuing tickets on behalf of WPA and the City of Winnipeg


Feb 22 2018

For Profit G4S Secure Solutions agents not WPA employees issuing tickets on behalf of WPA and the City of Winnipeg.  Here is info we have posted before.  See link below to share this as a post.
It is G4S Secure Solutions agents that have been alleged to have colluded with at least Tartan Towing drivers.   That was corroborated by several independent but common reports including some reports with photos and video and allegations of threats from Tartan and G4S agents.  The media covered some of these allegations.  G4S SS (Formerly G4S Technologies) is a multinational based out of the UK with many controversies to say the least in it’s past.

G4S have had the contract with the bloated and inefficient Winnipeg Parking Authority (WPA) since 2008 when the the Katz led City Council voted to stop using Not For Profit Commissionaires of Manitoba with excuse they were not effective. The details proved it was about them not issuing enough tickets (revenue) and allegations of corruption or unethical influence.

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G4S agents and the WPA  and City Spin Doctors / Bureaucrats including recent ones appointed by Bowman or his EPC +2 have a track record of lying or misleading to cover up the many cases of unfair an unlawful ticket schemes.  Schemes that aggressively targeting known, missing, obscured and confusing signage even when it repeatedly reported by their own agents, the public and WiseUpWinnipeg.  Many cases of putting up temporary no parking signage and almost immediately ticketing rather than giving the required 24 hr notice.  Regular cases of mass ticketing by G4S agents when there is no snow fall or clearing scheduled.

Other cases of G4S ticketing under new bylaw promoted by Lukes that only allows no more than four vehicles or no more than one small truck even for family coming over for Sunday dinner.  No more then 6 vehicles in total including stored in garage.  No RV or Boat on private property from Nov 1 – May 14 and other restrictions that face up to $1000 fine.  It granted G4S agents permission to go on to private property to ticket.  Does that mean looking in your garage windows?

Then the City and Province allowed adding in automated ticketing via camera vans driven by G4S agents and alleged offense notices sent in the mail, taking away the right to a fair trial and question you accuser, jacking up rates without valid reasons, ignoring malfunctioning meters and still ticketing and not canceling unless accused calls in with meter number and details, removing meters and other tactics to boost revenue. Selling tens of thousands of alleged violations to aggressive collection agents with partial or missing information who then use lying, misleading and bullying tactics to try and collect.

The Katz led City and Selinger led Province requested and amended legislation and bylaws to allow parking agents not to attend court to be questions and moved contesting in a fair provincial court trial to a flawed and biased contesting process with the WPA / G4S contesting agents and appeals to provincial appointed adjudicators sitting at the desk beside them.

The Mayor Brian Bowman and Deputy Mayor Janice Lukes led City has allowed G4S to continuing to issue KYZ and other alleged parking tickets when it proven in Court by WiseUpWinnipeg that they unlawful but Crown stayed to avoid a decision or “ducked out” by no longer contesting appeal and then it proven via FIPPA request that Lukes and other senior officials told by then City lawyer Micheal Jack (later CCO) that they were not enforceable.  Mr. Jack has since been found guilty of conflict of interest and practicing law without being registered as a laywer with LSM regarding the dangerously short amber time formal complaints with APEGM.  Like other parking and traffic enforcement cases they continued issuing alleged offenses until it exposed to be unlawful but then refused to refund those that paid in good faith.  

This has gone to Judicial Review where Provinical Justice make it pretty clear he thought the arguments of the Crown were unreasonable.  The Crown had argued that the signage as per HTA for no parking for scheduled snow clearing was not necessary if the director of public works issued the notice vs. a peace officer directing no parking on site or temporary signage for no parking which was done for decades without any issues until the flawed KYZ revenue scheme and bylaw.

The boost in revenue and reduced delays after taking right to a fair trial and questioning your accuser away was not enough so the Palister led PC majority parliament gave municipalities (mostly for the City of Winnipeg) more authority for parking and 700 other bylaw alleged offenses and the contesting of these also moved the the flawed and biased process with the WPA.