Should the public allow known cash grabs to prevent unknown ones?

Image: Winnipeg Sun

Feb 25 2018 – WiseUpWinnipeg

If an informed public are willing to allow what equates to unlawful taxation as fines and arguably breach of trust or unlawful enrichment to prevent another cash cow or raising taxes elsewhere we are heading in the wrong direction.

Too many have fallen for the typical propaganda of we have to cut services or raise taxes. There is bloated bureaucracy, incompetence, unethical influence and corruption running rampant. The jurisdictions that have cleaned this up have more than enough legit revenue to provide great value for tax dollars without abusing their citizens with dial on demand taxation as fines.

This isn’t even considering the harm the scameras proven to cause with dangerously short amber times, removed and inadequate signage, other known and created deficiencies and taking $70M a year from drivers, vehicles owners and their families every year in just Winnipeg. With velocity of money that equates to over $450M per year or $.5 Billion since 2003.